Internship Program

If you wanna do digital, this is the place to do it

Whether you are interesting in data, digital media, or just marketing in general, then we have a place for you. We are looking for talented and driven graduates to help us go further and faster. 

Lane 1

Lane 2

This lane is for those of you wanting to explore the digital landscape. Seasonal three, six, and nine month rotations not only offer a competitive hourly rate, but will also arm you with a working knowledge in all aspects of paid search, digital display, paid social, analytical and digital strategy. You’ll adjust budgets in Google, create bidding strategies in Bing, set targeting in the Facebook ad network and even manage online video placements.

Put it all together and you’ll be capable of analyzing campaign performance and making valid recommendations. Exposure to all the agencies in Audacious Studios will give you additional insights into strategic consulting, influencer marketing, journey mapping and more. Where you go from here is totally up to you!

This lane is less about exploration and more about the destination. You’ll follow a specialized track that includes an even higher hourly rate, and ends with proficiency in one focus area – plus an opportunity to join Tailwind full time. You won’t diverge from this lane; rather, you’ll stay between the lines, driving deep into expert territory. The digital marketing, performance-based, and demand fulfillment marketing strategy skills you learn are highly-sought after by both the agency and client sides, giving you a competitive advantage over your peers. You’ll also arrive at your destination with the ability to package and present your findings and make recommendations with knowledge and aplomb.

If we choose to continue our trip together, you’ll receive a handsome signing bonus… which we’ll duplicate at your one-year anniversary. Only one condition applies – you must use it toward reaching an entirely new destination; travel somewhere with your second bonus, and don’t tell us where until you return.

Join Tailwind.

If you want Gain hands-on Experience with real, live projects, reach out below!