Optimizing Websites to Match Target Audiences

The Challenge

Borax underwent a substantial endeavor to optimize and better tune their website to match the needs of their target audience. While the original site did a great job ranking and being present for target product terms like “borax,” we saw a substantial need to build authority for a much broader range of keywords and themes. 

The Objective: Optimize Website and increase Organic traffic

What we did

A prerequisite to any organic strategy, let alone site redesign is in understanding how our target users, or potential users, search. To start off, we used the following actions and tasks:

  • Conducted a User Intent Analysis
  • Identified Core Themes and Categories
  • Utilized SEO Analysis Tool
  • Implemented a SEO Strategy
  • Setup Pixel Tracking Through Google Tag Manger
  • And More!

How we did This

With the research we conducted, substantial changes needed to be implemented to see the organic performance we wanted. We found the following actions to be extremely successful:

  • Restructured Site Navigation Experience
  • Implemented a SEO Roadmap
  • Continued Site Speed Optimizations
  • Continually A/B Testing Across The Site
  • Removed Technical Obstacles Affecting Incoming Traffic
  • Kicked Off A Conversion Rate Optimization Plan


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Increase In Organic Traffic
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Increase in Time Spent On Site

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