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We have a a wide variety of services that we offer ranging from planning and running your ad campaigns to analyzing and optimizing your website search ranking. With our help, we have maximized our partner’s online presence by getting their websites and advertisements in front of the right people at the right time. We will take the time to truly understand where are clients are and where they want to be. No two organizations have the same digital experience so we want to make sure our offerings are personalized for each client. 

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Rather than developing a catchall approach, we prefer to catch those who are already primed to respond.   

Lead generation is really a misnomer. Generating a lead is simply the first step in the conversion process.

Data is a great power source for your digital media, but only if you use it early, often, and effectively.

How do we do it

We’ve got the strategic chops to develop and execute a comprehensive go to market growth strategy. Our process looks like:

Discovery – We take the time to become part of your business, understand your goals, your team, and what keeps you up at night. By understanding the core of your business, we can ensure success.

Audit – By running a technical audit, we are able to learn any issues that may be lowering the score of your website. These issues can consist of anything from a lack of 301 redirects to an overabundant use of Javascript. There are a lot of factors that make up a low search score and having a low score can be detrimental to your company’s searchability.

User Intent – We conduct a user intent analysis that is aimed at identifying the core themes and categories for how people may search for your company. Once the analysis is complete, we are able to use the data we’ve collected to make content creation recommendations, utilize keyword tracking, and strategize for web page optimizations.

Strategy & Plan – Once we understand our opportunity, we co-create a plan. Co-create. We may go off and do our research, but there is never a “big reveal” because we work together. You know your business best, we know digital marketing best and the magic happens when we work together. 

Optimization & Refinement – “Ongoing” work and management of campaigns. Did we have a CPA goal? Guess what, we are focused on continuing to improve performance. Predictable performance is great, but how about continuing to try to get better? We get bored with the same data… and so should you. Let’s push performance together.

Testing – This is how we push for better performance. We are always testing. We never use bias to guide our campaigns, we test to validate whether or not something works. And when it does, we double down and continue testing. 2-3% improvements in conversion rates can equate to thousands of dollars in revenue.

Reporting – We provide near-real time automated reports. We’ve done the work to bring all of these disparate data sources together so we can see one cohesive picture of what’s working and what’s not. We bring together all data sources, and not just your paid media publisher data, but your CRM and marketing automation too. If your boss’s boss needs their own dashboard, we’ve got that too. Transparency and context to your data is our bread and butter. 

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