Rebuilding The Website

The Challenge

Dircks is a moving company providing moving highest quality home and business moves. Our team was tasked with completely rebuilding their website in order to improve traffic, optimize for SEO, and minimize technical issues. 

The Objective: Rebuild the website to increase traffic and Improve SEO

What we did

Our team analyzed the existing website to determine where improvement was needed. In order to, ensure the new site would perform optimally, we proceeded to run a variety of tests and tasks including:

  • Ran a SEO Technical Audit
  • Updated Site Metadata
  • Cleaned Up Google Analytics
  • Implemented a SEO Strategy
  • Setup Pixel Tracking Through Google Tag Manager
  • And More!

How we did This

Once our analysis was completed, we were able to begin structuring the site with our new findings in mind. We worked very closely with Dircks to ensure the site was both efficient and aligned with the company’s brand goals. The following actions led to great success:

  • Rebuilding Core Structure of the Site
  • Continuing Site Speed Optimizations
  • Implementing a SEO Roadmap
  • Removing Technical Obstacles Affecting Incoming Traffic
  • Continually A/B Testing Across The Site
  • Kicking Off A Conversion Rate Optimization Plan


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Increase In YoY Traffic
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Increase In Site Form Completion
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Increase In Long Form Completion

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