P.F. Changs

Reaching Specific Audiences To Track Success

The Challenge

P.F. Changs is an Asian themed, American restaurant with over 300 locations.  The leadership theme had already been leveraging digital media for awareness, but without an emphasis on tracking success. Our team was tasked with how we would pivot the strategic plan to focus solely on digital to drive traffic and measurable success.

The Objective: Digitally Drive Traffic and measurable Success

What we did

Our goal was to take the existing ad campaigns and rebuild them to have a stronger focus and intent in order to get more reliable clicks and build loyalty. In order to achieve this, we did the following:

  • Summarized Existing Campaign Performance
  • Created a New Media Plan
  • Recommended Messaging by Channel
  • Targeted Mobile Devices To Increase App Installs
  • Set Strategic Parameters for Each Activation
  • Implemented A/B Testing Software
  • Added Pixel Tracking Through Google Tag Manager
  • And More!

How we did This

We achieved buy-in from the new leadership to launch the plan and have seen very positive results since pivoting strategies. The following actions led to great success:

  • Restructuring Paid Media Accounts
  • Optimizing Paid Media Accounts
  • Continually Monitoring and Adjusting Campaigns as Needed
  • Segmenting Audiences for Optimal Performance
  • Targeting Audiences to New Locations & Drive Purchases
  • Kicking Off A Conversion Rate Optimization Plan


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Increase in Paid Search ROAs
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Increase in Paid Social ROAs
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Increase in App Installs

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