Optimizing Paid Media Performance

The Challenge

Sophos is a network security organization in a very competitive vertical. Their challenges included a lack of awareness, a lengthy sales process within enterprise organizations, and standing out from their competitors. When they came to us, their message was very boring and did not stand out from anyone. We intended to change that.


The Objective: Rebuild brand Message to stand out and Increase Awareness

What we did

In order to create new, attention grabbing ad campaigns, we needed to rebuild their existing paid accounts. To start off, we did the following:

  • Completely Restructured Their Paid Accounts
  • Utilized Pixel Tracking to Effectively Track Performance
  • Integrated Salesforce and Eloqua Data
  • Cleaned Up Google Analytics
  • Created Real-Time Reporting Dashboards
  • And More!

How we did This

Once we built the foundation, it was time to address their boring marketing approach. Along with optimizing their paid media accounts, we recommended that some of the budget went towards new concepts and creatives. The following actions led to great success:

  • Restructured Paid Media Accounts
  • Optimized Paid Media Accounts
  • Tested Which Regions Performed Better Over Others
  • Targeted Relevant Consumers
  • Released a Unique Video Series Relative to Their Consumers
  • Launched a Giveaway Relative to Their Consumers


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Campaign ROI
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Increase In Search Volume For Brand
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Increase In Brand Awareness

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