The Business To Business Project

The Challenge

Yubico, a two-factor authentication solution provider, lacked a strategic partnership with the previous agency they worked with prior. Innovation and collaboration were not an integral part of the relationship, which ultimately resulted in stagnant performance. As part of the onboarding process, our team discovered test opportunities that have allowed Yubico to gain new efficiencies and significantly scale their B2B sales.

The Objective: Increase Lead Volume While Maintaining Efficient Costs

What we did

Before deploying new strategies, our team focused on reviewing Yubico’s existing media, SEO, and analytics efforts to ensure a strong foundation for long-term success. The audit included the following services:

  • Comprehensive Paid Media Audit
  • SEO Technical Audit
  • User Intent Analysis
  • Google Analytics Clean Up
  • Optimizing Existing Paid Media Accounts
  • Paid Media Strategy & Plan
  • Reporting Dashboard Creation
  • And More!

How we did This

We identified quick wins and long term strategies aimed at increasing consumer sales. We challenged Yubico to step outside of their comfort zone and test new tactics, such as retargeting. The following actions led to great success:

  • Developing A Remarketing Strategy
  • Implementing a Paid Media Strategy & Launching New Channels
  • Optimizing Paid Media Accounts
  • Implementing a SEO Roadmap
  • Developing Page Optimization Strategies
  • Utilizing Keyword Tracking


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Leads Increase Over 2019
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Cost Per Lead Decrease​

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