Microsoft Pilots A Free Campaign Management Tool For SMBs

Calling all small to medium businesses wanting to get their foot in the door with consistent digital marketing strategies! 

Microsoft has recently released the Digital Marketing Center from the Microsoft Garage project.  Digital Marketing Center is a campaign management system that is meant to assist people with their digital marketing strategies across a multitude of platforms. Microsoft is labeling it to be beneficial for small and medium businesses wanting an easier way to manage and publish content. The best part about all of this….. They are currently accepting new participants to try it out!

This new tool is connected to some of the most highly used platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertiser, Facebook Business Manager, Twitter Ads, and Instagram. Many other platforms offer similar services, but for a price. This is a positive outlook for many businesses getting started with their own digital marketing strategies.

A quick image of the beta dashboard shows a holistic overview of a campaign. This looks pretty comprehensive, and hopefully, as more information comes out we can discover if the metrics shown are adjustable for your business needs.


AI Capabilities: This is still in beta testing so new features could be added in due time, but currently this system runs on artificial intelligence to help marketers automate their digital strategies and optimize their campaigns easily.  

Quick Campaign Build Outs: Another feature to be expected is quicker campaign development with campaign goals to increase online visibility, in-store visitors, or getting calls to your business. You are also able to define locations to target and the daily budget. In addition, you can manage your audience targeting and bidding within the program.

Automated Content: My favorite feature is that you are able to draft an ad, allow Digital Marketing Center to create more for you, and then allow you to optimize your campaign performance based on those ads. This allows you to let automation save you time and brainpower into thinking of a multitude of ads. Not only that, but sit back and relax while you set an ROI goal, and this will take it and optimize your campaigns to that goal! 

Metrics Metrics Metrics: We know that it doesn’t mean anything unless we can see the data! Luckily for us, we get a few key metrics such as impressions, clicks, and engagements altogether. Now, for best practices, focus on metrics that relate best to your business goals and campaign objectives. For example, when setting a traffic goal your main metric would be link clicks. This platform does not currently host those more specific metrics and should still steer to the interfaces for more information.

It’s Not All About The Paid Media: Luckily for you, if you are not wanting to spend too much money on advertising campaigns, you are able to manage ALL of your organic content too! You can create all of your posts and publish them from the same place. This makes it so much easier to keep your posts on schedule and stay strategic with your platforms. But wait…. It gets even BETTER. You can also engage with your audience by liking and replying to comments on your Facebook and Instagram. Many businesses have seen consumers use social media to voice their opinions and complaints of the business. Staying responsive is crucial to businesses wanting to have strong customer loyalty and it shows to other prospecting clients that you care.

This is the audience engagement area where any comments filter in the inbox and you are able to set them as tasks to ensure you respond to each of them. This is extremely beneficial in keeping a positive brand image and being responsive. 

These features are not concrete, once again, this is in beta stages. If you were to sign up, you would be doing a trial and giving feedback for those select small businesses that do it. 

If you want to sign up your brand to take advantage of this opportunity you can go to this LINK to fill out a short questionnaire. If you want early access to the insights visit this SITE. I recommend you take that step whether you support a small business or a large company. 

If you have any other questions or want to learn more about the marketing world feel free to read more of our blogs.

Want to discuss more how to improve your current marketing efforts? We would love to discuss how our team can help you reach your business goals!

Written by Mackenzie Nance

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