Leveraging and Learning LinkedIn’s New Conversation Ads

LinkedIn has recently launched its new offering, conversation ads. These ads fall under their sponsored messaging options, which allow marketers to engage with their audience through personalized messages. 

Their sponsored messaging options send direct messages to prospects through LinkedIn’s messaging platform. This keeps the prospects engaged and can help drive quality results, especially leads.

They currently have two messaging options, one is message ads, which are personalized direct messages, and then they have built conversation ads off of that initial offering, which engages more with prospects as they develop a conversation based on the user’s choices. 

The video below shows you how the ads show up and interact with prospects:

The best part about it is that these ads are sent when users are actually online – which means they see these messages immediately. This gives the marketer an opportunity to have conversations with the prospects as they are already using LinkedIn at the time, and then the message is not sitting without being opened.

How To Use Conversation Ads

When it comes to setting up conversation ads, there are a few steps that differ from those of traditional ads.  When building these ads, you have to decide who the “face” will be. This person will be who your audience is receiving the messages from. 

It is important to choose someone who represents your brand well and relates to your audience. This person is the influencer of your brand, so for best practices, use someone that is either well-known to the public, has a large following on LinkedIn, or has a relevant title to the audience. 

You also have to be thoughtful of the person you choose as they are a part of this process too. LinkedIn requires that the person chosen to be the messenger gives permission to the advertisers to use their name and account. 

The benefits of using the conversations ads are that you can create many call-to-actions and give the prospects the ability to choose the information they want to know. Also, picking the right sender helps make the ads feel more personal and can help the likelihood of successful results.

Finally, to use conversation ads well, you have to always look at the data. LinkedIn ensures that the results of these advertisements are integrated within their campaign manager; thus, giving you data on the engagement and success of these ads. Your brand can optimize and ultimately decipher if these ads are effective in reaching your target audience. 

Best Practices

LinkedIn Provided

LinkedIn has provided a best practices guide on how to use conversation ads. We have gone through to summarize the restrictions on ad copy and objectives for content purposes.

Conversation ads are available under two objectives: website visits and lead generation

Character Limits within the ads

  • CTA buttons can have a maximum of 25 characters
  • Message text can have a maximum of 500 characters
  • There is a maximum of 5 CTA buttons

Banner Image Specs

  • Banner image will only show on desktop
  • It must be a PNG or JPG
  • Image size is 300 x 250 px

The full presentation can be found HERE with more information.

LinkedIn provides a general Sponsored Messaging Playbook you can find HERE as well.

Our Thoughts

On top of LinkedIn’s guide which has a lot of great information, we would also like to offer you two good starting tips when creating your conversation ads.

#1 When creating your content, try and re-enact how you would like the conversation to go. Practicing can ensure it is smooth and feels more natural when a prospect is messaging. 

Make sure to ask questions during this process and to provide your answers through the right messaging and landing pages.

#2 Keep in mind your target audience.  Make sure you use their verbiage and appeal to their needs. Also, since you will be using a relevant messenger, include their title and the company or industry the user belongs to. 

With these two tips, you will be off to a great start in reaching your target audience!

Who Should Use These Ads?

These ads are great since they can reach the right audiences in both a B2B and a B2C aspect.

Here a few examples of what conversation ads can be used for:

  • Signing up for an event
  • Getting people to apply for a job position
  • Offering services to a business
  • Selling products to relevant industries and job positions

Leveraging this ad format will help reach decision-makers and expedite the buying process. Having more personalized ads is a growing necessity for many brands. Since consumers look to build connections with the places they buy from, this can help your company get to that spot.

If you have any other questions or want to learn more about the marketing world feel free to read more of our blogs.

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Written by Mackenzie Nance

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